Burganlage Friedberg, Hessen, Wetterau


In the beautiful “Wetterau”

Around the Kurhaushotel in Bad Salzhausen there are many different excursion destinations. The region invites you to cycle, climb in the high rope course or swim, sail and fish in Lake “Niddastausee”. There is also a great zoo nearby. We have collected some of the most beautiful ideas for you. Of course, as a guest of our hotel you will also get plenty of information about activities in the area.


Nidda Sculpture Park

In the idyllic spa park of Bad Salzhausen you can relax, arrive and let go. Stroll around the park and take a look at the artistic sculptures at the meadows in the upper spa park. The numerous works of art originate from the Sculpture Symposium, which took place every two years from 2007 to 2015 in alternation with the exhibition. The aim of the association is to give a name and space to a need of art lovers for a forum of contemporary art, even in rural structures. Get inspired. More…


Animal adventure park „Vogelpark Schotten“

Visit the bird park in Schotten and gaze at birds from all over the world. There are also large and small quadrupeds such as pigs, goats, llamas or even nasal bears. The tropical house with its free-flying hall has reptiles, monkeys and exotic birds. You can watch kangaroos and emus in the Australia facility. The petting enclosure with friendly goats and sheeps is a highlight for children. Everywhere in the bird park you will find small oases to watch and linger. The Schotten bird park is an animal park, petting zoo, playground and a place of relaxation. More…


Celtic World at Glauberg

At Glauberg there is much to discover for archaeology fans, culture enthusiasts and nature lovers. Start a journey back in time to the Celts at Glauberg 2400 years ago. In the 4th millennium BC, the Glauberg was extensively and heavily populated. Outstanding funds such as bronze garment needles, knives, lance tips and a shoe-shaped ceramic vessel show the high importance of the settlement. Visit the reconstructed burial mound and hike along the Celtic World Trail through the Archaeological Park in beautiful natural landscapes. On the beautiful sun terrace of the museums bistro you can enjoy a spectacular view over the wide landscape at Glauberg. More…


Münzenberg Castle

Münzenberg is popularly known as the “Wetterauer Inkfass” and is a good example of Romanesque castle architecture in Germany. The castle was built around 1160 by the imperial ministerial official Kuno I of Hagen-Arnsburg. The Counts of Münzenberg played an important political role in the Holy Roman Empire, a status they wanted to prove with refined architecture. However, the castle complex was never completed. The residential building remained unplastered, the curtain wall was built only on three sides of the castle and only the base was completed for the second bergfried. An exciting excursion destination. More…


Museum of volcanoes

Embark on a journey back in time into the fiery past of the Vogelberg, when its volcanoes were still active. The Volcanoesum in Schotten offers an interactive exhibition that explains the theme of volcanism. On several floors you will learn how the volcanoes formed the Vogelsberg, how they still influence it today and what role the climate, the forces of nature and man play in this. There are interesting experimental stations, great interactive exhibits and exciting multi-media installations. The Vulkaneum is both interesting and entertaining for children and adults. More…

Nidda reservoir

Nidda reservoir

The Nidda Reservoir is one of the largest reservoirs in Hessen. It is surrounded by forest and meadows and is located within the nature park “Hoher Vogelsberg”, which is used by fisherman, sailors, surfers and campers. A 5 km long circular trail is popular for pedestrians, cyclists and inline skaters. Bathing is permitted in two approved and marked places. Since the shores fall steeply and there is no separate non-swimmer area, the lake is only partially suitable for children for bathing. There is boat rental, a children’s playground, a kiosk and a restaurant. Mini electric cars can also be rented. More…


Eselhof Wetterau

Here, animal lovers and nature lovers feel at home. On this donkey farm, the two donkeys, Lucy and Blacky, which were taken over by Noteselhilfe e.V., can be groomed, fed and taken for a walk in the company of the donkey keeper. In addition, you may enjoy a lavish picnic in nature including home-cooked foods. Soon there will also be holiday programs and action days with various themes such as contemporary history, fantasy themes or festivals at the Eselhof-Wetterau farm. Moreover there several projects for kindergarten groups, primary schools and children with disabilities on the agenda. More…

Bio Bauernhof

Organic farm Konradsdorf

This sustainable organic farm of the state domain Konradsdorf allows large and small guests a great experience. Organic farming on around 300 hectares has been practiced since 1992. Bright and airy running stables for the animals offering enough space as well as an respectful handling of the animals showcase species-appropriate keeping. Visitors can experience the true origin and value of food as well as the importance of regional origin – with the goal of extending human life values. In organic farming, these connections are particularly well represented. Guided tours are offered as well either for school classes or other groups. More…

Geologischer Garten

Münzberg Geological Garden

Visit the Geological Garden Münzberg, which is unique in Germany. In many years of hard work, a single person has created a large collection of all the rocks found in the region, funded only by himself and partly supported by donations. The collection contains boulders and unique pieces with up to approx. 15t weight. This is the first time that the concept of comparing different rocks of an entire region has been implemented. The view over the northern Wetterau and castle of Münzenberg is also very beautiful. More…

Amöneburg bei Marburg, Hessen

Amöneburg near Marburg

Discover the beautiful town of Amöneburg, the “city on the mountain” with its narrow half-timbered streets, remains of the former castle and the large collegiate church. Amöneburg is a popular excursion destination with a magnificent view of Amöneburg Castle at the summit. Originally, the town took its name from the nearby Ohm River and the castle on the top of the former volcano. The landscape of the second oldest Hessian nature reserve around the mountain massif with signposted nature trail is particularly worth seeing. There are also well-developed cycling and hiking trails waiting to be discovered. More…

Burganlage Friedberg, Hessen, Wetterau

Friedberg Castle Complex, Wetterau

Friedberg Castle is one of the largest castles in Germany. Enjoy the wide view from two tower passages to the Taunus, Vogelsberg and Frankfurt. The oldest surviving buildings of the castle are the fortifications from the 14th to the 16th century. In the late 17th century, the area changed to an early manor house. The castle, castle garden, church, chancellery, guard, armoury, blacksmith’s shop and school were added. Start an exciting walk in the castle complex. More…

Castle Eisenbach in Vogelsberg

Schloss Eisenbach, Vogelsberg

The Schloss Eisenbach, located 4 km south of Lauterbach, perches on a basalt rock and is the ancestral seat of the Riedesel family, Barons of Eisenbach. An inscription in the gatehouse states: “For 500 years now, the Riedesel Freiherrn zu Eisenbach Erbmarschalle zu Hessen have maintained and preserved this property”. The castle can be admired from the outside and the castle park, which borders directly on the volcanic cycle path, is perfect for a leisurely walk. More…