Events with flair at the Kurhaushotel Bad Salzhausen

Kurhaushotel Bad Salzhausen

Spa treatments with the power of salt: Bad Salzhausen saline baths and spa

Kurhaushotel Bad Salzhausen

Spas, hiking and culture in the Vogelsberg region

Kurhaushotel Bad Salzhausen

to our island of tranquillity

Such places really do exist: no cars, no noise, no hustle and bustle. Recharge your batteries and fortify yourself in the lovely spa town of Bad Salzhausen, at the foot of the Vogelsberg. 

Since the early nineteenth century, people have come to Bad Salzhausen seeking relaxation and spa treatments. The healing power of salt water, the soothing tranquillity of our town and the energy of the natural surroundings of our hotel make your stay at the Kurhaushotel a revitalising experience. 

Conference guests also benefit from the beauty of the surroundings, peace and comforts that our hotel offers. At the Kurhaushotel Bad Salzhausen there is a perfectly furnished room for any type of conference, meeting or private event. Instead of having a conference amidst the stress of the metropolis of Frankfurt, treat yourself and your participants to a little peace for clear thinking and concentrating on new ideas.

Wir freuen uns Ihnen an dieser Stelle unser Kurhaushotel Bad Salzhausen mit einem Film vorstellen zu dürfen.

Viel Spaß beim anschauen!“

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