Destination: relaxation

Bad Salzhausen owes its fame to the healing power of the depths of the volcano. The chemist Justus von Liebig certified the healing effects of the salt water in the early nineteenth century, which makes Bad Salzhausen one of Germany’s oldest saline baths.

Justus-von-Liebig thermal spa

The groundwater from the Hoher Vogelsberg rises to the surface in Bad Salzhausen, taking mineral-enriched salt water with it on its way from the depths. The saline baths at the Justus-von-Liebig thermal spa are fed entirely by two of the six sources. Both sources are acidulous saline springs. The curative water has positive indications for various disorders. 

The thermal spa is directly opposite the Kurhaushotel and offers a saline bath and an extensive programme of physiotherapy, the healing salt energy in the form of a salt grotto. Powerful effects on allergies and skin diseases are attributed to the salt and micro-fine mist. You can find further information on what we offer at

Kurpark Bad Salzhausen

You say goodbye to stress as soon as you enter the 52-hectare park. It is not only the tranquillity and botanical diversity that offer relaxation; the real treasure, the health-giving salt water, bubbles up into the light of day from the Kurpark's six springs. The three salt water springs and the lithium, sulphur and steel springs are just a few metres from each other. They all have proven therapeutic effects, which are used for preventative and curative therapies as well as rehabilitation. In the imposing graduation room, salt water runs over blackthorn twigs every day to form a mist that can be breathed in to the benefit of your health.

Specialist clinics

Some of the most prestigious specialist clinics are based in Bad Salzhausen: the Asklepios neurological clinic, the Dr. Herzog clinic for integrative oncology, and the Rabenstein clinic for orthopaedics, internal medicine and psychosomatics.