Start married life in style in Bad Salzhausen

The spa town of Bad Salzhausen still exudes the charm of times of yore. Stylish buildings along the avenue, the extensive park with its ancient trees and botanical treasures, and the soothing atmosphere of our famous spa provide the perfect setting for a really special atmosphere. 

The official ceremony can take place at the registry office in Nidda. You can then host your celebrations in the large Kursaal at the Kurhaushotel Bad Salzhausen, in the renovated Trinkkurhalle in the park, or in the idyllic Parksaal. 

The Kurhaushotel Bad Salzhausen is at the entrance to the town and is located directly opposite the Kurpark gardens - a beautiful backdrop for romantic wedding photos. There are not only many double rooms for your wedding guests, but also many single rooms - often necessary for such celebrations. We will be happy to offer advice for your planning.